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Crabgrass, tomatoes,and green beer

Now is the time to get your crabgrass preventer down, we are stocking ferti-lome brand. we find that it works just as good as the national advertised brands. If you get a chance to get the it out now don't worry you can put a crabgrass killer down later to kill what you have or kill the weeds you missed . Good time to reseed your lawn we have a large variety of lawn seed in stock so stop on by. 

 If you can believe it we have tomato plants already in stock, not a lot of them  5 or 6 varieties but still its only St.Patricks day and we have tomato plants.

For those of you not ready for tomatoes yet we also have cabbage , broccoli, swiss chard, cauliflower, and other plants ready to go home with you today.

 More baby chicks do this week, Golden comet, Barred rocks , Dixie rainbow, Wyandottes , to name a few.  Don't forget to sign your chicks up with Purina mills they have a number of promotions available for you to use.

Have a great St.Patricks day and don't forget about the seed potatoes we have Kennebec, Red Pontiac, Irish Cobblers, and Yukon Golds. Lots of onion sets and seeds.And for all of you celebrating St.Patricks day have a green beer for me.

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