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Dog Foods

Looking for dog food ? We got you covered, Blue Buffalo , Nutro Chicken Soup, Eukanuba, Iams, Sportmix, Diamond, Buckeye, Pro Plan, Purina, Pmi brands,Pedigree, Nutri source, Bil-Jac, Taste of the Wild, and we are getting ready to add Fromm check out their web site at to our lineup .

  Dont see the brand you want just ask us and we will see if we can get for you.

  With flea and tick season coming dont forget your Frontline and K-9 advantix, bio-spot , Adams Flea Spray and shampoos

  The new Nutrena Safechoice feeds are coming in Thurrsday the 26 , they have alot of promotion to go with the feeds, check out their web site at for more information.

 We will have alot plants coming in next week as soon as this cold snap works its way through.


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