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Get your garden plants

Looking for your favorite garden plants? We got them for you. Tomatoes , peppers , cucumbers, squash, eggplant, watermelon, cantaloupe, and many more.

 Variety? Large variety of tomatoes - Big Boy, BetterBoys, mortgage Lifter, Brandywine, Rutgers, Parks Whoppers and many more. Peppers -lots of bell peppers, Banana both hot and sweet, lots of other hot and mild peppers.

  Need seeds , we still have a good variety of seeds left, sweet corn and lots of beans.

 Sweet potatoes are also coming in this week , they wont last long so get them quick.

 Hey, don't forget CHICKS, we have had another shipment come in this week, Barred rocks, white leghorns, buff orphington . French guineas do in this week also , this might be the last of them so you better get them before they are gone.

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